Binsec releases

May 01, 2024
Incremental solving, IR-level sub-expression elimination
July 14, 2023
SSE plugins, RelSE, PowerPC 64-bit
February 14, 2023
relational engine, write-up, stability fixes
October 31, 2022
not-to-be-missed Z80 support, quick path merging, custom arrays, new write-ups and examples
September 23, 2022
better support of x86-64 VEX instructions, new support of RISC V 64 bits architecture, addition of a stunning exploration board in SSE
April 18, 2022
from x3 to x100 speed-up on previous examples, easier handling of shared executable files, W&X for better or worse, and a wider support of x86-64
December 31, 2021
64-bit architectures are now supported, bitwuzla smt solver support, dune build system