BINSEC release 0.6.0 is out

Summer is now over, students are back to school, but still we are glad to announce the new BINSEC release 0.6.0.

On the agenda:

  • better support of x86-64 VEX instructions,
  • new support of RISC V 64 bits architecture,
  • addition of a stunning exploration board in SSE.

When dealing with large binary programs where symbolic execution is struggling, it may be frustrating to have to wait the end of the analysis to obtain statistics about how it performed. We now propose a new board to monitor in real-time what BINSEC is busy doing behind the scene.

You can learn more about it here.

So, do not miss the Opam release, have a look at the documentation and do not hesitate to give feedbacks at or on GitHub.

May the Fall be with you! :-)