Open doctoral positions for 2021

We have multiple doctoral positions open in Software Security through Program Analysis, Formal Methods and Fuzzing at Université Paris-Saclay, CEA List institute, France.

OUR TEAM - The BINary-level SECurity research group (BINSEC) is a dynamic team of 9 junior and 3 senior researchers. The group has frequent publications in top-tier security, formal methods and software engineering conferences. We work in close collaboration with other French and international research teams, industrial partners and national agencies. The team is part of Université Paris-Saclay, the world’s 14th and European Union’s 1st university, according to the Shanghai ARWU Ranking in 2020.

OUR WORK - The team has high-level expertise in several binary code analysis approaches, namely formal methods, symbolic execution, abstract interpretation, SMT solving and fuzzing. We apply these techniques to improve the security of software at the binary level, covering notably backdoor and vulnerability detection, malware analysis, code hardening and patching, criticality assessment and formal verification. See our website for additional information.

YOUR MISSION - The goal of your doctoral work will be to develop some of the next-generation methods and tools supporting security analysis at the binary level. The precise research topic can be discussed to suit both our team’s priorities and your preferences. Under the supervision of our senior researchers, you will be expected to solve research problems, implement your solutions into evaluated prototypes, publish at top conferences and journals, mentor interns and broadly participate in the scientific life of the group. All positions comprise both theoretical work and coding (mainly in OCaml). You will be able to dedicate a small fraction of your time to teaching if you want so. Our former team members have been able to secure stimulating positions in academia or industry and we will support you in advancing your career.

JOB REQUIREMENTS - Successful candidates should have (or be close to have) a Master in Computer Science (or equivalent), with strong results in topics related to the doctoral work that they would conduct in our team. They should be proficient in English and have excellent programming skills. Authorship of one or several scientific publications is a plus.

HIRING PROCEDURE - Candidates should send a CV, a cover letter, a transcript of their university results, as well as contact information of three referees to as soon as possible (and at the very last by April 2021). Applications will be reviewed immediately as they arrive (first come, first served). Each position is expected to start in October 2021 and will have a duration of 3 years.

REMUNERATION PACKAGE - Remuneration includes a gross salary of around 25 kEUR per year, full access to the French national healthcare, social care and pension system, as well as several other benefits, like coverage of 75% of your Parisian public transport subscription or preferential access to all staff restaurants.

WORKING AND LIVING IN PARIS - Our offices are located in Plateau de Saclay, south of Paris, Europe’s biggest research and industry cluster. Agencies like Science Accueil or Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris are available to help foreign candidates find their home and settle here. Most of us live either in the wooden and quiet southern suburbs of Paris or closer to the bustling historical center of the city. Paris is the capital of France, a metropolis of 12.5 million people and one of the most visited travel destinations in the world.